Moroccan Organic Argan Oil 100% Pure

Brand: La Cure Beauté™
Product Code: LB-00110-0
Reward Points: 700
Weight: 100.00ml
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Moroccan Organic Argan Oil 100% pure is free from any additives. It is rich in vitamin E, natural fatty acids, and omega 6. The Argan Oil is a natural prime antioxidant that combats premature aging of skin. It reduces pimples, Breakout scars, scaly patches, skin inflammation, dry cracked skin and Nails care.

Benefits: Skin for its many qualities such as hydration, regenerative and anti-wrinkles. It reduces pimples, breakout scars, scaly patches, skin inflammation and dry cracked skin. Moisturizes and nourishes skin and hair leaving skin soft with a healthy glow. Strengthens nails. It repairs dry damaged hair and split-end. Can be added to body lotion or warm bath. Can be added to shampoo.


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