Argan Care Cream

La Cure Beauté Argan Care Cream is an emulsion based on moisturizing and gentle ingredients for the skin, enriched with Organic Argan oil, Natural treasury without equal, the oil of Argan is used by south Moroccan women since centuries for its many virtues. It is rich in essential fatty acids omega 6 and high vitamin E Antioxidants recommended to prevent the premature drying of skin. It fights cutaneous ageing and gives again the skin its glare by improving its hydration. The skin finds comfort, flexibility, softness, glare and vitality. The use of Argan Care Cream daily allows to protect skin from drying skin and helps combat aging skin.


Apply morning and evening to the carefully cleaned face and the neck. Proceed delicately of the end of the fingers in upswings starting from the medium of the face towards the outside of the face. Avoid contact with eyes.

Argan Eye Cream

La Cure Beauté Eye Cream is a multi-action cream, enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Moroccan Organic Argan Oil 100% pure. With natural Apple Extract & Vitamin E to improve the skin texture by moisturizing and protecting the delicate area around the eye.


After cleansing thoroughly, the skin, apply Eye Cream using the fingertips in a gentle patting action around the contour of the eye every morning and evening.


Revitalizes and moisturizes the contour of the eyes. Soothes and refreshes tired eyelids, while relieving puffiness. Nourishes the skin around the eyes.

Brightening Skin Cream

La Cure Beauté Brightening Skin Cream, brightens skin, evens skin tone, and reduces the look of discolorations safely and naturally. The product is also very moisturizing with a pleasant skin feel.

Brightening Skin Cream helps brighten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. It is the accumulation of melanin in the skin that is the cause of dark spots. As the skin naturally renews itself every 28 days, old pigmented cells are sloughed off and cells with less melanin will be brought to the surface giving the skin a brighter, more even toned complexion.

Unlike many skins brightening products, Brightening Skin Cream does not contain hydroquinone, a synthetic ingredient banned in many countries. Brightening Skin Cream contains three naturally-derived skin brighteners: kojic acid ester (from Japanese mushrooms), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (from Vitamin C), and niacinamide (Vitamin B3).


Apply a thin layer to affected areas twice daily. Skin lightening is a gradual process. Depending on individual differences noticeable results take place within three to eight weeks of daily use. Results may be accelerated by using an exfoliating cleanser before use. Once the desired results have been achieved, maintain the results by applying a few times per week.

Key Ingredients

Kojic dipalmitate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, niacinamide hyaluronic acid.

Facial Scrub Cream

La Cure BeautéFacial Scrub Cream is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Organic Argan Oil. This cream with Natural Fruit extract helps improve skin texture whilst keeping the skin radiant and luminous. Tiny grains of Walnut Shell act as a natural exfoliant removing dead skin cells, assisting the purification and renewal of cells, whilst also restoring suppleness.


Apply with fingertips, using upward movements, avoiding sensitive areas around the eyes.


Clears clogged pores, impurities and the dead cells of your skin, rejuvenates the tissue cells helping your skin breathe easily. Nourishes the skin with Dead Sea Minerals and Argan Oil whereby the Walnut Shell granules act as a natural exfoliant assisting cellular renewal. Its Natural ingredients and Fruit Extracts provide efficient protection to your face and Maintains your skin silky-smooth and young looking. For all skin types.

Moisturizing Cream

La Cure BeautéMoisturizing Cream is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Organic Argan Oil. This rich moisturizing cream is combined with Natural Fruit Extracts & Vitamin E to help sooth, heal and soften all skin types. The high content of natural ingredients hydrates the skin, restoring the natural moisture balance whilst improving the elasticity of the skin.


Apply on skin in upward movements with fingertips, avoiding sensitive areas around the eyes.


Purifies and nourishes your skin leaving it silky-smooth, healthy and young. Restores the natural moisture balance of the skin. Protects against weather conditions, dryness, and the harsh effects of hard water. Provides efficient protection and keep skin moist, and prevents the loss of moisture. Also recommended to use as a base for make-up. For all skin types.