Fortify Hair Repair

Fortify Hair Repair

La Cure BeautéFortify Hair Repair, Capillary Repairer concentrated in Organic Argan Oil (100% pure) for all hair types. It protects hair from sun, wind and other daily assaults. Repair dry damaged and split-ends hair. It nourishes and restore hair vitality and shine.


Wash off your hair with Argan Shampoo, once your hair is dry take a few (5 to 10) drops of Fortify Hair Repair Oil in your palm. Now begin applying Fortify Hair Repair Oil to your scalp in gentle circular motions. You can apply generously and work your way from root, to tips. Now, wear a scarf or a shower cap and leave it as an over-night repair treatment that penetrates the hair fiber while you sleep to improve strength. Wash off in the morning with Argan Shampoo.

Once your hair is dry, apply few (2 to 4) drops of Argan Oil and massage gently for a few minutes and comb gently to make sure the oil spreads evenly throughout. Style as usual. Do this at least TWICE a month. Your hair will strong and grow out sooner. For all hair types. Paraben Free – Alcohol Free – Silicone Free - Contains no animal products. Not tested on animals.

Caution: Avoid eye contact. - Open and use with caution. - Keep away from sun and heat.